Behavior Based Safety

The National Safety Council - Maharashtra Chapter organized one day seminar on ‘Behavior Based Safety’ on 15th January 2016 at Hotel Courtyard Marriott. Representatives from various organizations attended the seminar.

Behaviour Based Safety(BBS) values, such as building trust, sound relationships, and the use of leading indicators are applicable in all business activities. Once an organisation becomes fluent in leading the safety process through a behavioural approach, it can transfer this experience into other business priorities, such as customer service, quality and absenteeism, making the implementation a spearhead to many business improvements.

The Seminar is designed to-

  • Increase the confidence level/communication skills of workers and supervisors
  • Understand & enhance the ownership of responsibility at lower level
  • Update the knowledge and information of managers in Industry, Senior and Middle Management Executives engaged in manufacturing processes, Chemical Transportation, Chemical Storage, Construction Engineers and Safety Professional from other industrial establishments